Beyond Blades of Grass by Paul Bogard

An excellent article about the wastefulness of the American Lawn LINK:



Don’t use heavily polluting equipment in the yard like GAS mowers, leaf blowers and edgers…. these are the most polluting engines still on the market today! Shrink the lawn.  Buy electric equipment or a push mower for a good workout.  
…data now indicate bees and other insects could take longer — much longer — to find and follow scents to a meal. The scientists have shared their findings in the July 1 issue of Atmospheric Environment.

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Question Everything

Can you imagine the fossil-fuel use needed to achieve this ‘look’. An army of loud polluting leaf blowers would need to arrive often in order to insure that not one leaf or one twig ends up on this unnatural carpet of green. This is NOT nature. I wouldn’t let my dog near this herbicide-laden lawn and I don’t know if any bird would survive landing here. As a society we have been sold this idea and it’s time to seriously re-think it. Untitled (1)